Where to take SAT?

Where to take SAT? In this article you’ll get the information where to take SAT!

Taking the SAT for students who intend to study abroad is one of the most important steps. In Russia you can pass this exam only six times a year in the U.S. - seven. In Moscow, it can be done in one of three specialized centers.

In two of them tests can be held in October, November, December, January, May and June. Here we give the names and addresses of the test centres:

  • The International University, Leningradsky Prospect, 17.
  • Hinkson Christian Asademy, Novocheremushinskaya street 39, 3.

In the third center, the test can be held in October, December, May and June, four times a year:

  • The Anglo-American School of Moscow, Beregovaya street, 1.

It should be remembered that the SAT Subject test can take place several times, from one to six per year. Therefore it is recommended to learn the timing of the test in advance. All the information is on the official websites of the centers.

You have to register for taking the test. You can do it test in several ways: by phone (you should pay an additional $ 15), or online at www.collegeboard.org. You can still register by mail. Everyone who has been registered must pay a registration fee of 81 USD. This can be done by bank transfer with credit cards Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Discover, JCB, Diners Club.

You may change the time and place of taking SAT, but you will have to pay an additional $ 26, and it must be done at least 2 weeks prior to the day of the test. Also be aware that in case of failure to appear at the agreed time in the test center, the registration fee is not refundable, so you will lose this amount.

The results of SAT are published on the official website of the center in five weeks after the test. If you register online, you can order the delivery of a certificate by mail. Also, the registration fee includes sending the copies of the certificate with the results in four institutions of higher education which were selected by the applicant. Sending such copies in the fifth and subsequent universities is paid, the cost is $ 11. For $ 31 the results will be sent to the educational institutions urgently, within two days. Another service is available to provide a detailed report on the test, showing all the mistakes, the cost is only $ 0.5.

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Now you’ve known where to take SAT!