SAT tips – useful advices for you!

SAT tips – useful advices for you! SAT exam assesses the level of preparation and knowledge of the students, their willingness to study in the universities and colleges of the United States. International Baccalaureate is a good start for the motivated and talented young people. In this article we’ll speak about the test structure and give some effective SAT tips.

What is the SAT?

The results of the test allow the selection committee to evaluate the mental and communicative abilities of the candidates. Also SAT determines grammar and writing skills.

SAT test is supervised by the organization College Board which is a non-profit membership association. The test consists of three main sections: SAT Critical Reading, Maths and Writing. In the majority of the questions you have to choose the right answer from a few variants.

The best way to prepare for SAT is to read as much as possible. Try to find the texts on a variety of topics and read them; don’t forget about the magazines and newspapers.

This general SAT tips will help you to pass the exam successfully:

  • Be familiar with the rules of the test sections. Use the saved time on the most complicated assignments.
  • Firstly answer the simple questions. Mark the missed assignments in the answer sheet to return to them quickly.
  • You can write on the brochure with the tasks of SAT exam: cross out the wrong options, mark possible variants, etc.
  • Be careful during filling the examination paper, especially for the tasks “Student-produced response”.
  • Avoid the marks on the form with the answers. Your test will be evaluated by a computer, and it cannot distinguish the correct answer and the occasional mark.
  • Analyze assessment system: you get one point for the correctly completed task, and for each incorrect answer it’s subtracted 0.25 points. But missed assignments and wrong answers in “Student-produced response” in the mathematical section doesn’t entail any deductions.
  • Don’t spend too much time on one task. The simple questions should take a few seconds.
  • Keep an eye on the fact that in the examination paper you enter the answer in the appropriate section and question number.
  • There is no guarantee that in the test center there will be working clock, so bring your own one.
  • Don’t change your answer, if you are not 100% sure, that you’ve done a mistake.
  • Remember that SAT test consists of a sequence of small, time-limited mini-tests. Try to solve them in a given period and still leave a few minutes.
  • Miss the tasks in which you are not sure.
  • Remember that each question has only one answer.
  • And the last SAT tip - carefully read every word in the task.

We hope that these SAT tips will help you to pass the exam successfully and get a required number of scores. Use online materials, watch the useful video with the experts, read the popular textbooks and solve the tasks.

Watch as SAT test prep expert Shaan Patel of Veritas Prep describes how he used his own SAT prep techniques to take his score from 1760 to a perfect 2400:

Don’t forget to practice every day, and the results will be great!