SAT Reasoning Test

SAT Reasoning test SAT Reasoning Test (or SAT I) is a standardized test which is used to assess academic knowledge and the analytical skills of the students. Its results allow the admissions committee to assess the willingness of the enrollee to study at the American universities. SAT has to be taken not only by the foreigners, but also by the U.S. citizens. And if want to enter the prestigious university you need to receive a certain passing score.

SAT I has a fairly simple structure, which is based on three main sections. Critical Reading section includes 67 different types of the tasks. You have to do them in 70 minutes. During Writing section the candidates are offered to do 49 tasks in one hour. In the Math section you need to solve 54 tasks in 70 minutes. The total duration of the exam SAT Reasoning Test is approximately four hours. In the end of the test each candidate has to do the tasks of the experimental section.

During the preparation for SAT Reasoning Test it is recommended to work with each section separately and focus on your weaknesses. For successful completion of Critical Reading it is needed a good vocabulary, knowledge of the sentence structure and the ability to determine the main issues of the text quickly. You can improve all these skills through regular reading and learning the various literary norms of grammar.

Mathematical section

Mathematical section corresponds to the level of the school curriculum. And the majority of the tasks can be solved by choosing the correct answer from the options, and the rest tasks require the independent writing of the answer. During the preparation it is recommended to refresh your knowledge of arithmetic, algebra, geometry and statistics. If you want to learn how to quickly solve the problems, you can use the trial interactive tests.

Writing section

Writing section requires more effort and time to prepare. To perform its tasks you need to learn grammar, vocabulary and spelling. And, of course, do not forget about the essay. If you’re going to write well-structured and literate text at the real exam you need to have a good workout on this direction during the preparation.

SAT exam secret tips:

The successful completion of the SAT Reasoning Test gives you the opportunity to enter the undergraduate program in any American university. But if you want to get high scores you need to work on getting new skills and knowledge.