SAT in Moscow

SAT in Moscow SAT Reasoning Test (SAT I) is an entrance exam to the most American colleges. The test doesn’t check knowledge of the school curriculum; it determines the willingness of the students to study, use analytical skills necessary for successful education, and the ability to apply knowledge of basic school level to solve the tasks.

SAT Subject Tests (SAT II) assess knowledge of the specific subjects - from math to foreign languages. Most universities require the results of 2-3 subjects.

SAT is administered by an independent organization College Board. Start your preparation for the SAT I and SAT II from the visiting the official website of College Board, which contains all the necessary information about registration, preparation and passing the SAT.

SAT registration

You can register for SAT I and SAT II on-line on the official website of College Board. In Russia, SAT I is organized six times a year; SAT II, ​​depending on the subject, is taken from one to six times per year. You can pay a required registration fee of $ 81 by credit card (American Express, Visa, Discover, etc), by the check (if it’s U.S. bank account), or by the international money systems or UNESCO coupons.

In one day you can pass SAT I, or up to three tests SAT II. Both tests are written on paper.

You can pass SAT in Moscow in three test official centers:

  1. The International University, Leningradsky Prospect, 17.
  2. The Anglo-American School of Moscow, Beregovaya st., 1.
  3. Hinkson Christian Academy, Novocheryomushkinskaya st., 39, building 3.

Students have the opportunity to change the date of taking SAT in Moscow and test center. You have to pay additional $ 26, and it must be done no later than 14 days before the test day. Remember that the registration fee is not refundable, so if you don’t come to the test center on the appointed day and want to cancel the registration, you will just lose money.

How to calculate SAT results?

In SAT I for each sections you can receive from 200 to 800 points. Essays are evaluated on a scale from 2 to 12 points, and for the Writing section you can get from 20 to 80 points. In SAT Subject Test for each section it can be obtained from 200 to 800 points, with the provision of some additional points on a scale from 20 to 80.

The results of SAT in Moscow can be seen online at the official website after five weeks from the test date If you register online and want to get your certificate by mail, it should be further specified during the registration.

How Many Times Should You Take The SAT:

Registration fee includes sending four copies of your result to the selected schools. However, you have the opportunity to select an unlimited number of universities in which you wish to send your certificate. The cost of one copy will be $ 11. Also your score may be sent to the universities in the shortest possible time - just two days after the inspection. Cost of this service is $ 31. And if you pay 0, 5 dollars, you can get a detailed description of your results and see in what tasks you have made the mistakes.