What is the SSAT?

What is the SSAT? If you don’t know, what is the SSAT, read this useful article.

SSAT is the entrance test, which is required for admission to many schools in the world. The results of this exam are an important component of a successful entry to school, but it is not the only criteria for admission to the educational institution. SSAT is designed for students who study in 3-11 grades and has several levels – elementary, middle and upper.

Your knowledge can be evaluated in two forms:

  • Standard administration, which is held in one of the eight previously identified Saturdays during the academic year at test sites around the world;
  • Flex administration is the individual or group testing, which can be carried out at any time, regardless of the eight specified dates.

The structure of the test

The test consists of three groups of the tasks which are designed to assess oral communication skills, numeracy and reading.

Verbal tasks contain questions which check the vocabulary, ability to argue and logically relate your thoughts.

Math test questions assess problem-solving abilities.

To assess reading skills you have to consult with excerpts of the texts.

All the tasks are presented in English. One point is rewarded for each correct answer and ¼ is deducted for wrong one. In the test results it will be detailed information about the number of correctly answered questions, incorrect options and skipped questions.

Is SSAT an objective test?

SSAT test results are highly appreciated by the specialists: for example, the reliability indices of oral communication skills and mathematics are higher than 0.90, for the reading section it approaches the value of 0.90 - one of the highest rates in the field of education.

If we evaluate the SSAT as a standardized test, then the test results are reported as a percentage of performance standards. School groups consist of the students of the same age and sex, and they are tested for the first time in the United States or Canada for the last three years in one of the designated standard days for SSAT.

But do not forget that the SSAT test result is only part of the information on which it will be paid attention when you decide to enter the school.

The cost of taking the test

The cost of taking the test in Russia is $ 232.

For late registration (for 2-3 weeks before delivery) you have to pay extra $ 40 to the cost of the test.

If you want to register at the last minute (4 to 14 days before taking the test) you’ll pay an additional $ 80 to the cost of the test.

For changing the date of passing the test or test center you should pay an additional $ 35 to the cost of the test.

In this video you’ll get the information about SSAT test:

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