SAT Tutor

SAT TutorSAT exam and preparation for it is an important step for both American and foreign pupils who want to enter the U.S. college or university. It’s extremely difficult to prepare for this exam by yourself; there’s more effective method – the lessons with the SAT tutor.

Individual preparation with the experienced teacher has a great number of advantages.

Firstly, a SAT tutor will be able to accommodate your level of knowledge and proficiency. Based on these options, a good teacher will wisely choose a program which will fit your needs. A tutor will offer you several ways to prepare, as well as his methodological developments.

Secondly, with SAT tutor you will learn the format of the test, immerse yourself in the language, because the course will be taking in English. And the most important advantage is that you will know the effective exam strategies. Often a person with knowledge of English cannot pass the exam well.

Also an experienced SAT tutor will give you examples of the each section of the test, solve with you the most difficult assignments, and analyze your results.

If you choose self-preparation, you are confronted with many difficulties. First of all, you need great self-discipline, self-control and effective materials, such as free official practice tests. But not all the students are able to organize their time to develop a lesson plan, and check their progress.

How to choose a good SAT tutor?

It's not always the best option to prepare with the native speaker, it is much more effective to engage with a teacher from Russia, which has considerable experience in training children for this exam.

The experienced teacher often works in the educational center, where there are all possibilities (multimedia devices, a large board, projector, etc. You should remember that a convenient location of the preparation place an important factor.

In addition, it is important to determine the period of the preparation for the exam immediately. If it takes a long time, it’s most likely that the teacher will make a discount for you.

You can prepare for SAT not only with the teacher, but also with your friends! It is much more effective to prepare some subjects, such as English or mathematics, in a small group (2-3 persons). This method will save a half of the cost of the training.

It’s important, how much students your tutor teaches. Teachers in the educational centers tend to be more experienced and can offer the effective materials for training. Don’t forget that teachers of the language schools have passed strict selection before taking a job.

If you prepare for the SAT Subject Tests, we advice you not to search for different teachers for each subject. Competent SAT tutor can prepare you for several subjects, for example, SAT World History, Geography, SAT General (Verbal).

SAT Exam secrets tips

There’s one more tip for you: go to the experimental free lesson. Your success in the future can depend on the comfort in communication with the tutor.

Good luck!