SAT preparation

SAT preparationSAT is a test which you need for admission to the colleges and universities in the United States. Educational institutions often demand its results when they receive from the applicant a package of the documents. The main goal of SAT is to check knowledge and skills of the candidate in subjects such as Reading, Writing and Mathematics.

In addition to the standard version, there is also an extension of SAT Subject Tests in which the questions are asked only in selected branches of knowledge - for example, physics, chemistry, literature, history, linguistics, etc. These tests are created and handed to an applicant to show that he is strong in a particular area, which may further affect positively on the decision of the college commission.

If you want to receive a high score, your SAT preparation has to effective. At the very beginning of the preparation, you have to learn the structure of the test to navigate the tasks and understand the requirements for each of them.

Then you have to study each type of questions of the test in detail. Thanks to intensive practical work, you will learn not only how to use your knowledge, but also how to anticipate the answers. Usually there’s no “gimmicks” in the test, but you can often deal with some “distracting” moments that have to be learned by studying the theory and practicing the questions.

Reading section

Successful completion of Reading section also depends on the knowledge of words, which is a problem not only for foreign students, but for those for whom English is their native language. Often the words can be taken from the tasks which are part of the tutorial; and giving the clear associations will greatly facilitate the process of words memorizing. During the work with this method, you can remember the sentence and the context in which you are faced with a particular word even after a considerable amount of time.

Writing section

Also during SAT preparation you should work with the Writing section, in which you have to answer the questions with multiple choices and write essay. Firstly, it’ll be a great idea to do the tasks on grammar, punctuation and spelling, the format of which is close to the test; these questions are developed specifically to improve your English skills. Don’t forget to practice in writing the essay on the different topics, it’ll help you to do this task quickly and effectively on the real exam.

Math section

Math section is not as complicated as it seems at first glance. SAT preparation for this part of the test should be based on the school curriculum in mathematics. The only problem is that the tasks are in English, so you have to learn all the mathematical terms which can be used in the questions.

SAT exam secret tips:

Your SAT preparation should be effective, at the end of it you have to feel a tangible difference in the ability to process information quickly and correctly understand complex vocabulary in context and outside it, to present and develop the arguments in the letter.