SAT Math

SAT MathSAT is a special assessment test which is required for admission to the higher educational institutions in Canada and the United States. It is designed to check the basic knowledge of the candidates without which it is impossible to study in the high school. The exam is divided into 3 parts: SAT Math, Reading and Writing.

If you’re going to study in the universities which are specialized on engineering and physics, you have to pass SAT Math section. During the existence of the test this part of the exam has been changed more than once, and today it includes certain types of questions which relate to the different branches of mathematics. For example, recently there was introduced mathematical analysis of the problem and work with graphs of functions.

Everybody who wants to pass the SAT successfully is recommended to pay much attention to trigonometry, functions and graphs, because the largest number of questions is based on these types of the tasks. Also students are suggested to solve 9 algebra assignments. In this test there are also special combined questions that may cover different areas of mathematics.


SAT Math section consists of 44 questions, 34 of which involve the selection of one from five answer variants. For the rest of the tasks you should write your answer of the question to the special answer sheet.

The first part of the mathematical sections includes 20 questions (25 min), the second one – 18 tasks (25 min), and the third one - 10 (20 min.) Questions in the first and the third part and 8 tasks in the second section suggest you to choose the appropriate variant of five proposed.

Some questions are designed to test the ability to solve numerical examples in mind. Nevertheless, during SAT Math section you’re allowed to use calculators, as it significantly improves the test results and helps to answer the questions much faster. You can also use scrap paper.


If you want to solve all the tasks, don’t think too long about one question, it’s better to answer the easiest one, and then move on to the complex tasks.

You should remember that SAT is passed in English, that’s why you need to learn all the mathematical terms which can be used in the tasks. If you don’t understand the question, you’ll never give the right answer. Nowadays in the Internet there’re a great number of the textbooks and useful materials which will help you to prepare to SAT Math section. Don’t forget to practice every day in solving the tasks, and sooner or later you’ll be ready for the passing this exam.

In this video we explain how to solve a "hard" Permutation question:

Remember that SAT Reading, Math and Writing and needed to check the basic knowledge, so they cannot be too complicated. If you want to pass them successfully, you need to make a little effort and to read the textbooks for SAT preparation.