SAT Subject Tests

SAT Subject Tests are American standardized exams, which include multiple choice questions. SAT Subject Tests Usually this examination is passed for admission to the U.S. colleges. The test is also known as the SAT II or SAT 2. It lasts for 1 hour. In one day you can take no more than three SAT Subject Tests. Usually, depending on the interests and goals of the candidate, he chooses which subjects to pass, but there are situations when the American university requires the results of some specific subjects.

Depending on the specialization, as well as the specialty that the student wants to get in American education organization, he can take the test on one or more of the following subjects:

  • Literature;
  • Mathematics (first or second level);
  • History (U.S. History or the World history);
  • Foreign languages ​​without Listening : German, French , Italian, Spanish , Latin, Hebrew;
  • Foreign languages ​​+ Listening : German, Chinese , French, Spanish , Japanese, Korean;
  • Chemistry;
  • Biology;
  • Physics.

Before taking a particular discipline, always make sure whether it is necessary for the entering the college on the desired specialty.

During the preparation for the SAT Subject Tests, always pay attention to the specific terminology that will always occur in the questions. Even if you are fluent in a foreign language, but don’t know some useful expressions, you won’t understand the question. You have to remember that you have to answer the question without long thinking, because there’s not provided enough time for lengthy reflection.

Depending on the number of the correct answers, you can receive from two hundred to eight hundred points for the test. The number of questions can differ from 50 to 95.

If you want to pass the test successfully, you need to prepare well, so we recommend you to pay attention to both the theoretical and practical aspects of the subject. For example, if you are going to take chemistry, you need to know by heart all the basic formulas and be able to solve the standard tasks.

If you feel that you cannot effectively prepare by yourself, we suggest you to study with the qualified instructor who not only know the language perfectly, but also understand the subject.

In the U.S. SAT is organised 7 times a year: in October, November, December, January, March (or April), May and June . In other countries a test is performed at the same time except spring. After taking SAT Subject Tests, you can get the results in about three weeks on the official website, or they will come to you by mail in six weeks.

If you want to know what SAT Subject Tests are, watch this video:

You have to be ready to study very seriously and responsibly, because the results of this test determine your future and the opportunity of becoming a student of the prestigious university in Canada or the United States.