SAT: download useful material

SAT: download useful materialYou you’re going to prepare for SAT by yourself, you have to use good textbooks. Today it is not a problem. In the Internet you can easily download the materials for the SAT test. They will help you to improve your knowledge and get high scores. Let's look at the most popular resources and books.

Useful links

  • - is good website which allows you to not only to prepare for taking the and pass the sample tasks for all the sections, but also to find the nearest testing sites in your city.
  • – in this resource you can find useful strategies for passing the exam. In addition, there is also a decent dictionary that will help you to expand your vocabulary and learn how to find the differences in synonymous words. You can download the book, which contains important information about SAT.
  • - it is one of the best sites for preparation. Here are the practical tasks for each part of the test. In the writing section you can read the rules and structure of the essay. In addition, you can find useful information and special dictionary. It is decorated so that you can quickly and easily learn the new words.

SAT: download the textbooks

What materials should you choose as the main books for self-preparation? Pay attention to these publications, which can be downloaded for free:

  • The Official SAT Guide. This guide is designed by the organization, which create the tasks for the exam.
  • Kaplan SAT 2012. In this book you can find useful strategies and a large number of practical tests.
  • The Princeton Review Cracking the SAT. It’s a good book for the organization of regular practice, there you can find the tips for effective preparation.
  • Official Guide for All SAT Texts. There the assignments for each section are accompanied by the detailed explanations.
  • SAT Score Raising Classic. Kaplan Publishing has created a good guide for expanding vocabulary, there’re well-known expressions of classic English writers; they are often found in the written part of the test.

The most important SAT download materials

Before you download the materials for SAT the test, pass the test diagnostic test. It helps you to determine the level of knowledge and understand on which features you have to pay special attention. You can take a test by clicking on the link:

SAT tips: