SAT exam

SAT exam SAT exam на test-sat.ruis an acronym for Scholastic Aptitude Test. In fact, it is a standardized exam that tests critical thinking skills. Applicants who decide to get a bachelor's degree (mostly SAT is popular in the U.S. and Canada), have to pass SAT. Exam is mandatory for undergraduate students of the national universities who want to continue their study in the universities of the U.S. or Canada.

SAT exam validates the basic school knowledge of the separate subjects or as a whole (in the complex). The results of the test show how students are prepared for the transition to the next stage of the educational process.

There are two versions of the exam: SAT I (reasoning test) and SAT II (subject test). SAT I lasts for three hours. He tests the general knowledge and consists of the questions and the answer variants. This kind of test involves the mathematical part, critical reading and writing. SAT II assesses the qualifications of the applicants in one area. Duration of the test is only an hour. You cannot enter many colleges on subspecialties without taking the test on a specific subject.

The format of SAT I exam

Mathematical section consists of two parts, which include 54 questions. You can work on them for 70 minutes. The tasks consist of the problems in algebra and geometry, including those questions that require theoretical knowledge about the functions of the set and the module number, and the knowledge of equations containing radicals, and power functions.

Critical Reading also consists of two parts; however, it contains 67 questions.

The questions are divided into three groups. Reading Comprehension is the first one. The applicant works with one or two texts. You need to answer a few questions (from 6 to 13), which are related to the content of the test. Examinee has to determine the main idea of ​​the text, specify how the author refers to the problem, and draw the conclusions.

Analogies are the second group of questions. It’s necessary to determine the type of connection between the two words, and then put another couple with similar or parallel connection.

The third group is Sentence Completion. The task is to fill in the blanks by choosing the appropriate meaning and grammatical words and phrases.

In the written part of the exam applicants will be asked to answer 49 questions and write an essay. This part is designed to test knowledge of grammar.

The theme for the essay is the statement of 80 words. Applicants have to confirm it or disprove it. On the written part of the exam it is allocate 60 minutes, 25 of them are assigned to the essay.

This video explains the difference between the SAT I and SAT II admissions tests and provides tips and advice on which test you should take: