SAT scores

SAT scoresStudents have to pass SAT test if they want to enter the international Baccalaureate, which is required to provide the certificate of the exam. In order to pass SAT, you need to learn as much information about the test as possible, prepare to the exam, register online or by mail, and pass the test in Moscow.

All students have to know how the test is estimated. In general, the score depends on the number of correct and incorrect answers. For the right answer you get one point, but for the wrong one a quarter points are deducted. In this regard, the experts advise students to skip a task if they cannot exclude any wrong answer from five options proposed because a missed question doesn’t entail a deduction of SAT scores.

What about general SAT scores, for each section it can be obtained from 200 to 800 points. However, the essay is evaluated on a scale from 2 to 12, and the questions with five answer options in the section Writing are dialed from 20 to 80 points. Then all points are summarized in a special system and it’s exhibited an overall score for the test (up to 2400) and for the each section separately. This system allows the selection committee to compare the results and knowledge for all the students and to draw the conclusions.

If a candidate took SAT test several times, he has the opportunity to choose one variant, which is more consistent with its interests and goals. If the student refuses to select one result, all his SAT scores will be sent to the colleges. If the candidate cannot choose which score to send, because the difference between his results is not big, experts advise to send all the test results.

If you’re going to enter the international Baccalaureate in the U.S. and Europe and receive high SAT score, we recommend you to use the various internet portals and training materials. Each student must be prepared to the format of the test and the tasks.

The majority of the tasks in SAT include the questions with 5 response options, in which only one is correct. As usual, the tasks are arranged in sequence from the simple to the complex, with the exception of Reading section. In 10 questions in Math section student have to give his answer.

The test lasts for 3 hours and 45 minutes, but because of time which is spend on the distribution of materials and other administrative procedures, as well as three short breaks, you’ll write SAT during four and a half hours.

Each SAT test has a 25 minute experimental section which doesn’t affect on the overall score and is used to test the new questions.

The cost of taking the test is $ 50. People, who’re not U.S. citizens, have to pay additional $ 31. Change the test center or the date of the exam will cost you $ 26. Remember, that you can take the test an unlimited number of times, but if you want to get high SAT scores at once, you have to practice a lot!

Perfect 2400 SAT score student reveals secrets to improve SAT score:

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